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LA Set Their Sights On Another Olympics In 2024



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CASEY WASSERMAN: concept and plan was created to address this unique moment in time.

When cities around the world are becoming more reluctant to pursue the Games, LA offers the IOC certainty with 88% support, a low-risk verified budget, and a sustainable Games plan that doesn't require us to build a single permanent new venue.

We believe this is the Game's model for the future, because it is transformative.

Our goal is to reimagine a Game's model that will achieve three things, use high tech to redefine sustainability, use innovation to minimize risk, and use creativity to engage the global youth audience.

Our vision, which we call "Follow the Sun" is not about our Olympic weather.

It's about the future-focused culture of a special place called California, and how we want to harness it for the benefit of the Olympic and Paralympic movements.

ERIC GARCETTI: We believe this campaign isn't about Los Angeles or a fellow competitor.

And it's not just about the 2024 Games.

Instead, we think that this race is about the sustainability and relevancy of every Olympic and Paralympic Games beyond 2024.

That's our mindset in putting this together.

And this is a stark and unique differentiator, we believe, in our bid.

We're not focused on ourselves.

We're focused on creating a transformative Games moving forward.