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Fight Night London: Impressive Marc Diakiese KO



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- Switching [INAUDIBLE] wow.

There is a man that loves his [?

job ?

] down.

Wow, that is a huge shot to the mid-section.

- He's super quick, Jon.

He's very, very quick.

You can see Timu Packalen immediately now, trying to get his hands on his opponent.

He knows where he wins this fight.

And he also knows where he could possibly lose it.

Oh, Oh! - He immobilized Timu Packalen with his back right hand.

What a finish by the bone crusher! - Oh my goodness.

What a highlight reel knockout.

Absolutely unbelievable from Marc Diakiese.

On the button.

Timu Packalen stiff as a board, falls to the floor.

And he's still not sure what happened.


- That was one of the most astonishing first rounds I have ever seen.