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Fight Night London: Jimi Manuwa Octagon Interview



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- Ladies and gentlemen, Referee Leon Roberts has called a stop to this contest at three minutes, five seconds of the very first round, declaring the winner by knockout, Jimi "Poster Boy" Manuwa.

[CHEERING] - What a performance.

JIMI MANUWA: Believe me.

- So Jimi, lions eat first, right?

JIMI MANUWA: Lions eat first, baby.

- Just one punch.

JIMI MANUWA: What's up, London?

What's [BLEEP].

[CHEERING] - One punch.

Did you see the left hook being the shot that was going to get the job done?

JIMI MANUWA: Left hook's always the shot.

One shot, one kill.

Listen, listen, I want to win out over DC and Rumble it's time for a title shot now.

I'm going to win out over DC and Rumble Johnson.

And listen, one more thing, David Haye, let's do this.

- Oh.

Ho ho.

What, boxing or mixed martial arts?

JIMI MANUWA: Boxing, Dana White, Eddie Hearn, let's make it happen.

- What do think tonight, ladies and gentlemen?

Jimi Manuwa with David Haye?

[CHEERING] What comes first?

What comes first?

The title fight comes first.

Obviously, you want the gold, right?

JIMI MANUWA: Yeah, 100%.

That's what I work for.

That's what I go to training every day for.

When I first started mixed martial arts, that's all I wanted, was the title.

And that's what I'm working for.

I believe that that's going to be my next fight.

- Well, I hope-- I think we all want that same fight for you, Jimi.

Make some noise.

The Poster Boy, Jimi Manuwa.