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Fight Night London: Gunnar Nelson Octagon Interview



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ANNOUNCER: Ladies and gentlemen, referee Mark Goddard has called a stop to this contest at 46 seconds of round number two.

Declaring the winner by submission due to a guillotine choke, Gunnar [INAUDIBLE] Nelson! - Ladies and gentlemen, Gunnar Nelson.

It was a beautiful first round.

You took top position.

You were controlling, looking for the back again, but then that right hand that you landed on the chin.

How do you stay so calm and pick those single shots?

GUNNAR NELSON: You know, my style is just work this way.

I try to read the openings and-- take my time with it.

I want to finish my fights.

I don't want to win by points.

So sometimes I have to take some time, figure him out, and then go for the finish.

And you have to have a few things that you can go for.

You can't just rely on one thing.

- And looking at Alan, did you research him?

Did you find things in his game that you could possibly exploit?

And was there anything that he brought to the table that surprised you tonight?

GUNNAR NELSON: He set his strikes well together.

You know, he's a Thai boxer.

That's what they do.

They put their strikes together nicely with their kicks.

He did that well.

No, I didn't watch him too much.

I've seen him fight before.

It was just the way we do things.

We don't really analyze our opponents.

I like to analyze them in here.

- And you're sitting at number nine in the rankings now.

Obviously, you're going to be looking up the rankings for the next opponent.

Do you have anybody in mind?

Or are you just interested in your own skill set?

GUNNAR NELSON: Yeah, I just-- I'm just interested in what I'm doing.

And I'm just going to go back and improve.

Work on my movements and the things that I learned from this fight and take it from there.

- And what do you think of this support?

No matter where you go, it's like we're fighting in Iceland.

Everyone loves you.

It's amazing, the support you get.

Why do you think that is?


I've been fighting for these guys for a while.

And maybe it's my style.

I go in there, I'm trying to finish fights.

I do it calculated.

Maybe they enjoy that.

But I love them as well.

- Ladies and gentlemen, make some noise.

A fantastic performance.

Gunnar Nelson!