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Sam plays footy with legendary Scott Jamieson



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hard old day at the Royal Pines yesterday.

That was a good day for me.

It's a bit windy out there.

Sam Mac, what have you got for us now.

This is the best street party ever?

It's so much fun.

Thank you to Harish who organised this and basically said "Come out to our place in Western Sydney and spend the morning with us.

" We have brought out one of the superstar, it's Scott Jamieson, ladies and gentlemen.


Just rocking over to their house.

They have a big game against Brisbane Roar at Pirtek Stadium.

You grew up around this area?

I did.

Just around the corner, kind of way.

It's good to get out here, a early morning start, I love them.

So thank you for having me.

Absolutely, let's have a juggle off.

We are going to get the whole neighbourhood to take on Scoot in a who just plays on FIFA who is the professional player and who just plays on FIFA on the computer.

What have you got.

This is pretty good.

This is going better than I thought.

Sam, you are right.

That's quite Goot.

Come on, Scotty, what you got?

Let's check your weather.

Sunrise weather, brought to you by Inner Health For Kids.

Have your kids had their Inner Health today?

Whee! We have gone to the trouble of setting up these amazing FIFA approved soccer goals.

The whole street will take on Scott Jamieson.

Who will go first?

Go on, goose.

Let's get one of the kids up there.

Yes, go.

There we go.

One goal, well done guys.

Thank you so much, Scotty, I appreciate it.

Support the Wanderers, as a football fan there is a lot of controversial around the game but there is sore many great families who love this game and want to support our code.

Get out there and support your team and keep these guys happy.

Thank you so much.

Well said, Sam.

I think - who