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BARBARA BUSH: [INAUDIBLE] All these pretty girls here in pretty dresses, and you're doing me?

[APPLAUSE] I wonder if I'm so old I'm the only one in the room who really knew Audrey Hepburn.

[LAUGHTER] Because I did.

And what a beautiful woman she was.

And what she did for children, it's amazing.

-UNICEF has an unprecedented presence in more than 190 countries around the globe.

Our efforts on the ground have saved the lives of more children than any other humanitarian organization anywhere in the world.

Imagine what all of us in this room coming together could accomplish.

So it's with this thought in mind, and on behalf of UNICEF and the children that we serve, I thank you all for being here tonight and for putting children first.

Thank you so much.

[APPLAUSE] BARBARA BUSH: Thank you very, very much.

It was a great honor for me to be here.

And now, because I am 90, I'm going to go home.