1. 0:32

    Thousands of Sri Lankan cricket fans took to the streets of Colombo to welcome home the new...

  2. 1:44

    Amputee Marty Clarke plays golf one step at a time.

  3. 1:36

    The Pulse acknowledged their season was on the line after back to back defeats had threatened their...

  4. 0:59

    For the first time in its 20 year history the UFC is coming to New Zealand.

  5. 1:45

    Feleti Mateo and Chad Townsend have bared the brunt for the Cronulla catastrophe.

  6. 1:36

    Storm Uru and Sam O'Connor celebrate their university's win on the Thames in London

  7. 2:16

    The Warriors say he resigned, yet Matt Elliott has said he was sacked.

  8. 1:41

    Chelsea's  3-0 victory over Stoke City has put them ahead of rivals.

  9. 3:05

    Chiefs come back against Cheetahs for unlikely 43-43 draw in South Africa.

  10. 1:45

    The mystery of the Warriors NRL form continues to baffle as they try to explain their latest horror...

  11. 2:06

    The spoils went to Spain's Gomez but Kiwi Ryan Sissons did enough to qualify for the Commonwealth...