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Henry not going to the Blues

Yahoo! Sport New Zealand October 31, 2011, 12:02 pm

Welsh rugby club Cardiff have said they are not chasing the coaching services of Rugby World Cup winner Graham Henry.

Henry, who is reportedly not going to re-apply for the All Blacks head coaching role when his contract with the NZRU expires, has been linked to the vacant Cardiff Blues club as speculation about his future grows.

But Cardiff chairman Peter Thomas had told the BBC that having Henry as a head coach at the club is 'not an option.'

There has been no discussion whatsoever for Graham Henry to come and coach the Cardiff Blues," Thomas told the BBC.

"I know he is coming to the UK in the near future and I'm sure he'll spend some time in Wales… if the opportunity arises I would be delighted for him to visit and have a look at the Cardiff Blues set-up.

"But there is no thought whatsoever on Graham Henry coming to coach the Cardiff Blues."

Henry has links in Wales after being a former coach of the national side.

He is also reported to be a good friend of Thomas, but he has firmly quashed any speculation about Henry becoming head coach at the club because they 'couldn't afford him.'

But there is a chance Henry could become vital in helping another Blues side.

Auckland Blues coach Pat Lam has thrown his support behind the suggestion Henry could play a role with club.

Henry is also a former coach with the Auckland Blues and Lam said he would love the chance to coach with Henry again who has been a terrific mentor as a coach and a player.

Lam told reporters he often meets with Henry for advice anyway, so officially or not, he's involved with the coaching of the side.

He also added that Henry would be embraced in the Blues coaching team in any capacity.

But first Henry is heading to London in November to coach the Barbarians in their one-off Test against the Wallabies.

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  1. 07:05pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    That,s a job well done Ted, not just the world cup win but also the win record during your term. It must have been quite difficult being under the spotlight for such a long time .. time to relax now and put your feet up - if that,s what you choose to do. Congratulations again .. I wish you well

  2. Richard Crikey06:17pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Well done Graham Henry, you could discover the secret to alchemy and people would still hate you. It's the old "tall poppy" syndrome which festers in plenty of kiwis' minds. Enjoy your fishing!

  3. Bluje05:40pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    NZRFU should do what it takes to keep Henry in NZ.

  4. Wiremu M05:40pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Make him the Head of NZRU Coaching Advisory Board, if there's one, and if not make one up and let him be the head....NZ wins, they have a top advisor for all coaches thru-out NZ from the Pepi's to the Papa's....kapai..and have Brad Thorn with him for those Coaches that don't listen...give them a slap...nek minit!!!

  5. Aaron L05:26pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    I take every kiwi loves Graham again

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  6. Copie04:19pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    While we managed to scrape home with a narrow win over the French, I still have no time for the Smirky Henry. I would be pleased to see him leave for somewhere overseas, preferably another teaching position.

  7. Roger03:49pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    come to the canes we need help and hammet needs a mentor

  8. OHMmn02:46pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    The NZRU needs to overhaul its personnel structure or they will lose not only experienced coaches but also talented players. Don't wait til the global economic recession catches on, it has already eaten into the core of its organisation and only a matter of time before it's collapsed. Save the market before multinationals and private corporations.

  9. Trent02:40pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Well I have always supported the re-sign of Henry after 2007 - everytime we lost a World Cup we sacked the coach, how can they learn from their mistakes if we dont give them a chance to coach the next World Cup?! Good on you Henry, you are a legend and you learnt from 2007 - We have the World Cup people, plain and simple! Henry has a great sucess rate between cups as well, no other coach (NZ or another country) has the success rate he does! Give credit where credit is due you miserable losers!

  10. LESLIE01:50pm Monday 31st October 2011 NZDTReport Abuse

    Henry in one word 'Hopeless"