Greyling suspended for McCaw strike

NZ Newswire Updated September 17, 2012, 6:10 am

South African replacement prop Dean Greyling has been suspended for two weeks for his strike on All Blacks captain Richie McCaw in Saturday's Test in Dunedin.

Greyling pleaded guilty before the Sanzar judiciary on a charge of striking after he hit McCaw in what All Blacks coach Steve Hansen labelled a "cheap shot" in the 64th minute.

Greyling is suspended from all rugby up to and including September 30, meaning he will miss the Springboks' game against the Wallabies in Pretoria that day.

He will however be available for selection for their return clash with the All Blacks, and McCaw, in Johannesburg the following week.

Greyling was found guilty by judiciary officer Paul Tully of recklessly using his forearm in a dangerous way while cleaning out a ruck, making contact in a dangerous way with McCaw's head.

"Although there was no injury complained of, the action had potential to cause serious injury," Mr Tully said.

Greyling was given a yellow card after the incident.

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  1. Oss06:14pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Rugby is the chosen sport of the homosexual

  2. Tangaloa T02:42pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    @ 2lab.."It is time we took Saint Richie and his boys off their pedestal, they are not the be all and end all but as Attilla says we go around with rose-tinted glasses on. I am all for praising them when they do well but frankly this championship has not been their best work." ha,ha,ha!!!!easier said then done bro. Many a teams have tried for over a century but can't get the job done. Win/loss ratio, none can hold a candle to the mighty All Blacks, not in the past, not now and not in any foreseeable futur. Troll all you want bro. but moaning and groaning cant beat the ABs, its done on the rugby field.

  3. Peter01:53pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    The problem with all of this is that the average Kiwi on here just sees this as other nations whinging about their perfect ABs. They are so blinkered and biased that they tolerate no criticism of their precious ABs. It applies to most of their sport, unfortunately rugby is the only one they consistently do well in. It is why they have to come up with ridiculous stats like the per capita top of the medals table at Olympics and Paralympics. 19 medals at the paralympics which included 12 at swimming and I think 5 of thoseto one person. A small nation with a desperate need to be seen as a world beater. Great country, moronic sports fans.

    6 Replies
  4. KARL01:51pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Ah I get it Attila its an international conspiracy of referees now against the poor old BOK.

  5. Shane01:17pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    @ David - I don't think anyone on this forum is defending Greyling's actions - Rush of blood, not thinking and taking the law into your own hands is a no-no. One major point though is that if RM din't cheat in the first place, it could never have happened. You do need to have another look at the replay though. RM was making no effort at all to free himself - simply sitting there making a nuisance of himself, illegally, and as he had been doing the entire game. It was only after the hit, his first reaction to squeal to the referee, and then immediately free himself, with miraculously no-one trapping him there! Makes you rethink whether they should bring back the rucking rules - my guess is that RM would be the first to "retire" afraid of the endless stud marks he'd be getting down his back, until he learnt to play by the rules.

    3 Replies
  6. Peter01:17pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    It is incredible how whinging and precious you Kiwis get when an AB is affected by foul play but never acknowledge it when the boot is on the other foot. Do anyof you remeber Mealamu's flying head butt into Lewis Moody, or him and his fellow thug Umaga on Odriscoll, both far worse than Greyling. The penalties the ABs conceded and for the offences committed, like 3 times interfering with the jumper, which could have had far more serious consequences, and no yellow card, amazing. Mccaw could have gone easily for the number of times he deliberately slowed the ball, but I don't expect any of you will have seen any of that, because the ABs are lily white and perfect.

  7. X Spurt01:06pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Richie McCaw is an embarrassment to New Zealand rugby and anyone who supports his illegal play is by association a cheat as well.

    10 Replies
  8. X Spurt01:05pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    "McCaw wasn't cheating when he got hit"---that says it all, you agree that he cheats, but not this particular time. I don't condone what Greyling did,----but I can understand the frustration when a referee refuses to yellow card a player for constant infringing. When was the last time Richie copped a yellow for continuous infringing? Its laughable, I've seen Richie get warned that the next time it would be yellow, only to continue on his merry way and never get that yellow.

    1 Reply
  9. Bill01:02pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Put away the wet tram tickets and get out the yellow & red cards

  10. 12:57pm Monday 17th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    McCaw wasn't cheating when he was hit. He had already been cleaned out off the ruck and had his legs trapped, Anyone can watch the reply and see he was attempting to get his legs clear when the SA thug came from the far side of the ruck, illegal entry, and smacked him in the head. Anyone trying to defend this sort of play needs to have a good look at the reply again. Yes McCaw was on the wrong side of the ruck, read SIDE his legs were trapped and he was trying to break free. The smack he got is just typical of a frustrated SA CHEAT who dosnt have the skills to play rugby at this level. The same SA player was penalised at least 3 other times before the end of the match, he is an embarrassment to SA rugby.


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