Hunt for Blues boss takes bizarre turn

The Man In The Stand, Yahoo! New Zealand Sport July 16, 2012, 9:21 am

There couldn't be a clearer indication as to why the Blues franchise is so dysfunctional.

Unbelievable is a word often used too loosely.

But I find it unbelievable that the disastrous Pat Lam has still been the subject of plenty of debate and divided opinion right up to the final interview stage.

And according to Pat himself, "that was one of my best interviews and I'm very hopeful."
How bizarre! How really and truly unbelievable!

Let me draw the most obvious parallel for you that emphasises how absurd this situation has got to.

Can you imagine both the Crusaders administration and fans alike accepting that Todd Blackadder should be rehired as Head Coach if he had just overseen a humiliating 4 to 12 win / loss record on top off a mediocre record to date.

The pressure to dump Blackadder now would be so immense, no amount of friends in high places or self-serving politicking would come remotely close to saving him.

And that includes the NZRU who even though they ultimately employ every New Zealand coach in the Super 15, wouldn't dare mess with the accountability factor that such a ruthless culture as the Crusaders have undeniably created.

In all reality, it wouldn't even get to the stage where Blackadder remotely considered reapplying.

He would have fallen on his sword by now which is exactly what Blues fans could fairly have expected Lam to have done.

But not a chance.

Lam has obviously known all along that his dumping would by no means be a straight forward matter knowing the opposing factions that exist in and around the wishy-washy, back-scratching Blues franchise.

It's become apparent that John Kirwan, the more favoured new contender for the job has enjoyed the backing of Chief Executive, Andy Dalton and Chairman, Gary Whetton with Kieran Crowley and probably Vern Cotter the other contenders.

But the NZRU and their golden boy, Graham Henry who has been a close mentor of Lam, plus Graham Mourie and Don Tricker who've all been involved in the selection process are more than likely to have imposed the inherent conservatism of our national governing body and pushed hard for Lam.

That's probably not surprising given the NZRU were happy to endorse Ian Foster as assistant coach for the All Blacks not long after he coached the Chiefs to lose every home game in a season.

Such is the shambles and self-serving publicity that exists at the Blues, it surely explains why no overseas coach has shown the slightest interest in the position.

That's exactly what the situation required I believe.

A totally independent, strong-minded individual without any previous ties to the Blues who would come in and make recommendations to sweep clean, without fear nor favour from the top down.
But that won't happen.

And that's why the odds are that the Blues will continue to deliver mediocrity both on and off the field as opposed to the Crusaders who will continue to be finalists forever and a day.

Let's hope that sanity prevails and Lam has been given the shove.

But as Blues fans are so painfully aware of, anything is possible as accountability is not a priority at this deeply flawed franchise.

Your thoughts please.

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  1. lotoyespls10:10am Tuesday 17th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Then explain why Dan Carters Wife spells Honour.....Honor????????

  2. post1207:35am Tuesday 17th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    well said errol I totally agree with you deans was made to look like a great coach because he had players who performed? so is it not the players to blame most of all and look how the blues played against the brumbies and Pat coached that team.So what happended to Pats bad coaching and lets face it the same coach took the blues to the semis last year.

  3. Hepc11:34pm Monday 16th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    If you don't perform hit the road It's as plain as that I can't remember Aucks ever having a season like this Lam could take another team and do well - if anyone would take the risk Go Auckland!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Errol07:37pm Monday 16th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Using the crusaders as an example doesn't prove anything. Don't get me wrong I live in Auckland but have always supported the crusaders. They are the greatest franchise in super rugby history and long may they reign the kings. But if it came down to the coach then why have the wallabies failed miserably under the guidance of Robbie deans, some one who coached the crusaders to numerous super rugby titles? And why is Robbie Deans still head coach of the wallabies? You can't always blame the coach. Pat Lam may be a lot of things but he is definitely not entirely to blame for the blues miserable season. And let's not forget that he played for the crusaders....

  5. 06:08pm Monday 16th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    strange thing; I, ve not wanted to support the Blues or Auckland NPC - yet I work in Auckland & have lived there for over 10 yrs - I never felt I comfortable with the tag and refused to be classified an Aucklander. I was in denial - still am - I back Counties, I love their approach towards their crowds - makes you feel welcome allows you to really enjoy the occasion. The old spud patch is my favourite footy grounds - it just feels right.Eden Park on the other hand is one huge rip-off - over officious - no fun allowed - and only one fart per person otherwise you,re ejected! - oh yes and by the way that very same fart will cost you $10 8unless you,re a season ticket holder .. no thanks you can keep it!

  6. Women Gag For Me05:57pm Monday 16th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Lam ??? ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha waste of space, should call him Lame cause as a coach that's what he is ! ANYBODY but him please !!

  7. Mike05:44pm Monday 16th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    of course blackadder would have fallen on his sword. Cos Crusaders know how to spell honour and accountability as MITS says. Anybody who doesnt get that doesnt get the Crusaders Dalton, Lam and all the other Blues cronies would have been run out of ChCh years ago.

  8. Undisclosed05:38pm Monday 16th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    LOL! Lam being treated like a scapegoat for why the players failed to deliver. A coach is only as good as the team he coaches. He can have world breaking training techniques best game tactics available but if yourve only got monkeys not going to go anywhere. Think the couch potatoes and Man in the stand need to stop complaining about others and stop trying to direct blame at one person for Aucklands miserable season. Simple fact is it's a game, one team will win one team will lose. I agree it's always good to get a fresh perspective, but at least do it for the right reasons. As said above blaming one person not on the field for a teams constant inability to win on the field is ridiculous. Secondly Man in the stand. If you want people's thoughts on this don't try and push your agenda and your thoughts (not facts) on the situation i.e Blackadder would have fallen on his sword... How would you know? Do you have some amazing power that gives you foresight into someones mindset, its obvious you don't like the guy which makes your reporting one eyed like most things you post about. Maybe its time to replace you for bad reporting.

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  9. 05:36pm Monday 16th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    what are the odds on Weepu needing to see Jenny Craig after the Super Season has started next year

  10. kleverb05:29pm Monday 16th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    What amazes me is that the biggest province in the country had to go outside the province to be able to field a team. A city that has over a million people living there surely there has to be some sort of talent. John Harts son is playing for an aussie team. To me that means they are not looking after talent and just take the easy way out.


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