McCaw's girlfriend wades into Adidas debate

Yahoo! Sport New Zealand August 11, 2011, 3:01 pm

Just when you thought the furor over Adidas' pricing of the new All Blacks jersey was about to die down – someone comes along and opens up the can of worms all over again.

For days now the saga over the heady $220 price tag of the All Blacks jersey has continued to roll on.

And despite fans being able to buy the jersey for almost half the price from American retailers online, the German company has refused to bow down to public, political and retailer pressure to lower their prices.

In what has become a PR disaster of the highest order for the world renowned brand, in the last few days many Kiwis have vowed to boycott Adidas and those who continue to sell the jersey at their recommended retail price.

But as the argument starts to simmer, one person has decided to throw the whole controversy wide open again.

Richie McCaw's reported girlfriend, Nicola Grigg has taken to Twitter to voice her opinion and in turn defend Adidas over the matter.

"Why the hell shd @adidas change its pricess??" she tweeted.

"It’s like me telling Louis V I won’t buy their bags anymore bcos they’re too $$$."

Grigg then eloquently ended her tweet with '#gotakeashit'.

Grigg's opinion is in stark contrast to that of the likes of Prime Minister John Key, RWC Minster Murray McCully and a host of high-profile former All Black greats, and many All Black fans, who are disgusted with Adidas' stance on the matter.

An opinion from someone so close to the All Blacks captain will read as a kick in the face on an issue many have been battling to have changed, not to mention the fact that comparing an All Blacks jersey to a bag that can retail for around $3,000 is pretty ill advised.

Grigg, who classes herself as a 'Journalist, newsreader, copywriter, TV host, communications manager..' has reportedly declined to comment on the issue.

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  1. Kat09:20am Sunday 14th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    Ritchie you need to dump her!!

  2. Eric10:52pm Saturday 13th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    I hope the All Black captain has more intelligence than his girlfriend.

  3. 08:20pm Friday 12th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    Nichola is entitled to her own opinion but surely we do not have to put up with her gutter language. She displays all the manners and language of a badly brought up gutter snipe. Richie can do far better.

  4. 07:14pm Friday 12th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    spoilt little twat.

  5. 06:09pm Friday 12th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    WTF! shame Richie, u got ya self a problem there! #takeashit sounds like she is getting above her station

  6. Warwick05:52pm Friday 12th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    For goodness sake, if you think its too dear don't buy it; it's not compulsory to own one. If the public don't buy them then market forces should make Adidas drop the price to a level where they do sell. Maybe Adidas will quit the All Blacks as a their sponsor after this uproar, especially if they don't win RWC 2011.

  7. Colleen05:00pm Friday 12th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    What a stupid,thoughtless airhead.She Perhaps is trying to impress the adidas theives. Can't wait till She's at a function with McCaw,Maybe He will put a gag on Her before they go out.

  8. Francie04:16pm Friday 12th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    Silly Girl she shouldnt get into this. Who cares who buys LV. There are plenty of copycat designer labels available.Who can really tell what is the genuine article and what is not. What to me stinks is Adi-price tried to stop Kiwis buying online Mustnt have liked the competition . ADI- PRICE , ADI- PLUS

  9. Ian02:51pm Friday 12th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    Time for Ritchie to ge a new squeeze bag!!

  10. Greg02:40pm Friday 12th August 2011 NZSTReport Abuse

    She is allowed her own opinion isn't she? You either buy a jersey or dont. The choice is yours. If you cant afford an Adidas one at that price then buy one from Supermarket.Surely NZ has bigger problems to get in a frenzy about.


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