What was said at the London Olympics

What was said at the London Olympics:

"I'm deeply ashamed of my actions... I'll regret my behaviour for many years to come." - Disgraced Australian rower JOSH BOOTHE after being told he would be sent home from London for damaging a shop front in a drunken rampage.

"I sort of grew up with Prince William around my age and always loved him and had high hopes of marrying him. And so when I met him ... I didn't actually tell him but I named my dog after him, I call him Prince Willy." - Australian basketball star LAUREN JACKSON after meeting William and Kate.

"I wasn't thinking about it - it just came naturally." - Opals star LIZ CAMBAGE after pulling off her first slam dunk ever in Australia's win over Russia.

"The Olympic Games, what an amazing experience - this is my schoolies." - Olympic kayaker JESSICA FOX, who was too busy training to enjoy the end-of-school festivities, says it's all worth it after the Games debutant claimed silver in the women's K1.

"It's not obviously, shall we say, the moral thing to do." - South African CAMERON VAN DER BURGH admits using an illegal 'dolphin kick' on his way to beating Australian Christian Sprenger in the 100m breaststroke final.

"He's a proud hubby... but I'm a proud wife too." - Australian dressage rider KRISTY OATLEY on her husband, Swedish rider Patrik Kittel. Kittel advanced to the second round by finishing 15th but Oatley missed out.

"Tomorrow's another day but this was it for now." - Australian rower KIM CROW after she and crewmate Brooke Pratley settled for second behind a powerful British pair.

"The fact that he did it on purpose is not very good for the image of cycling." - French coach FLORIAN ROUSSEAU after a member of Britain's gold-winning team cycling team admitted he deliberately crashed to give his team a better start.

"When I saw the heat I nearly jumped off the balcony." - Australian hurldler TRISTAN THOMAS managed to qualify for the 400m hurdles semi-final despite being drawn in the "heat of death" against Puerto Rico's Javier Culson and two-time world champion Kerron Clement.

"Australia versus England at Lord's and taking it in a shoot-off, what's better than that?" - Australian Olympic archer TAYLOR WORTH on his best moment of the Games.

"She did such a good performance that she has now been asked to star in the next Bond film." - PRINCE WILLIAM on the Queen's transformation into a Bond girl in the Olympic opening ceremony.

"It's so great, we do seem to be inseparable ... what is going on?" - Olympic swimmer CATE CAMPBELL after she and sister BRONTE CAMPBELL qualified 10th and 9th respectively in the 50m freestyle semi-final.

"Probably I'll be rowing for so many years that I'll be too old to become an FBI agent." - American rower SUSAN FRANCIA on why she may never fulfil her second dream career after her competing days are over.

"I trained, a lot, a lot, a lot. No drink and no girls." - And despite his abstinence, Hungary's RICHARD BOGNAR still only finished sixth in the men's double-trap shooting final.

"If any other politician anywhere in the world was stuck on a zipwire, it would be a disaster. For Boris, it's an absolute triumph." - British Prime Minister DAVID CAMERON'S reaction after London Mayor Boris Johnson got caught on a zipwire during an Olympic event at London's Victoria Park.