Paul Henry to front new Snickers campaign

Paul Henry's sustained a successful media career with his acerbic

wit and now his special blend of meanness will be utilised in a New

Zealand media campaign for a chocolate brand.

Henry will front the new campaign for Snickers You're Not You When

you're Hungry a global campaign which uses celebrities known for a

particular hunger trait, as a metaphor.

The popular television star will portray the hunger state

'meanness' and joins an impressive list of international A-listers

including; Betty White, Joe Pesci, Aretha Franklin, Liza Minnelli

and Joan Collins who have featured in commercials in more than 56


Henry says he's thrilled to be involved in the campaign which

celebrates what he believes is one of his most endearing traits.

"I am excited to be involved in something which essentially just

allows me to be myself. I'm glad to be able to show that meanness

can be fun and celebratory, and despite the old adage that it's

difficult to do, meanness really does come easy.

"It has never bothered me that people think I'm mean, I've always

been able to laugh at it. In many ways this campaign is a very good

representation of how I see myself," says Henry.

"I think it's great to see a company recognising human

characteristics and putting them under the spotlight for us to have

a bit of fun with," he says.

The new TVC which launches on August 25th during ad breaks for the

Bledisloe Cup is a piece of entertainment in itself says Henry.

"It's lovely to be involved in a bit of theatre where people aren't

taking themselves too seriously. I have enjoyed featuring in a

campaign that started starring Betty White. It's something of an


Snickers marketing manager Andrea Aguilar says the campaign was

developed behind the universal insight that hunger makes a person

weak and behave differently ultimately affecting the people around

us and the way we perform.

The campaign she says, adopts a typically light-hearted tone of

voice to appeal to the core brand consumers and that Paul Henry was

a natural choice to bring the campaign to life.

"What the commercial is trying to convey is that hunger can

drastically change your personality. It's saying that when you're

hungry you're not on your game and that Snickers is the bar of

substance that sorts you out," says Aguilar.

Snickers is one of the world's biggest selling chocolate bars and

one of the top selling bars in New Zealand.

The 2012 integrated global campaign will incorporate TV

advertising, PR and digital activity.