NSW paramedics cast doubt on flare claims

Paramedics have cast doubt on organisers' claims that a girl was seriously burned by a flare at Sydney's Soundwave music festival.

At least two flares were lit as British band Bring Me The Horizon played to tens of thousands of fans in Olympic Park on Sunday.

Soundwave promoter AJ Maddah later said a girl had been burned and disfigured by a lit flare and appealed to Twitter users to help identify the flare-thrower.

"Tonight you seriously burned and disfigured a young girl," he wrote.

"Poor little thing is really hurt. Massive awful burn on her forearm. I am devastated for her."

The Ambulance Service of NSW says it did not treat anyone for burns at the event, but people may have received first aid for minor burns by St John Ambulance volunteers.

"We didn't transport anyone to hospital and I think St John treated three people for minor burns," an ambulance spokesman told AAP.

Maddah has made no further comment about the incident and festival organisers have not responded to requests for comment.

Social media users have strongly condemned whoever lit the flares and questioned how the devices were smuggled into the event.

"People at Soundwave scare me why would someone light a flare :( security sucks," one user wrote.

Video of one flare being lit was posted to YouTube on Sunday night.

It shows the flare burning on top of the stage before falling into the crowd.

Maddah said the person or persons responsible were caught on camera.

"Thank you twitterverse we now have images of this jerk from multiple angles. Hopefully we can post asap and get him identified," he posted on Twitter.

Police have launched an investigation.

More than 200 police officers were at the festival, which was attended by about 75,000 people.

Officers and drug detection dogs searched 252 people and identified 54 allegedly in possession of illicit drugs.