Law Society and Business Mentors NZ to work together

The New Zealand Law Society and Business Mentors New Zealand have agreed to work together to enhance the sustainability of legal practices in New Zealand.

The leaders of the two organisations have signed a memorandum of understanding. This formalises access by Law Society members to Business Mentors New Zealand’s mentoring service after payment of a registration fee.

New Zealand Law Society President Chris Moore says the Law Society sees the agreement as a key development in its Practising Well programme which aims to provide support and resources to enhance the health and wellbeing of lawyers.

"New Zealand is a land of small businesses, and this includes law firms. Over 90% of our law practices have fewer than the 25 employees which is the limit for Business Mentors’ services," Mr Moore says.

"Business Mentors has the goal of enhancing the sustainability of small and medium businesses by using the skills and experience of successful business people to support and advise them. Law practices face most of the same business challenges and this is an exciting opportunity to expand the use our members make of Business Mentors’ network."

Ray Schofield, CEO of Business Mentors New Zealand, welcomes the New Zealand Law Society’s decision to support its members through the volunteer mentoring programme.

He says: "Business Mentors provides access to 1,900 volunteer mentors (who provide their experience, skill and knowledge free of charge), and the focus is on developing capability, profitability and employment generation.

"Since the organisation was established in 1991, Business Mentors has assisted over 60,000 small to medium businesses. It is funded largely by patrons from the private sector, with additional support from New Zealand Trade and Enterprise."