History of wrestling at the Olympics

History of wrestling at the Olympics:

Wrestling is among the world's oldest competitive sports, with cave drawings of wrestlers appearing as far back as 3000 BC.

It made its first Olympic appearance at the ancient Games in 708 BC and has since been a part of every Games of the modern era - apart from 1900 Paris Games - in one discipline or another.

Greco-Roman was the first to be introduced in 1896 - and was the focus of those Games - with only freestyle contested in St Louis in 1904.

Both disciplines have been included in the Olympic roster from the 1920 Games in Antwerp onwards, with Russia, the United States and Middle Eastern countries like Iran and Turkey historically proving the most dominant.

Women's wrestling got its first go-ahead at the Athens Games in 2004, although it took until Beijing four years later for Australia to send its first representative in Kyla Bremner.

Australia has won three Olympic medals overall in wrestling - all in freestyle - with the first a bronze through Eddie Scarf in the light heavyweight division.

Fortuitously perhaps, the last time Australia took home wrestling medals was the last time the Games were in London in 1948.

That year, Jim Armstrong won a bronze in the heavyweight division, while Richard Garrard earned a silver from the welterweight category.

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