Extent of domestic violence `hidden'

The Greens are appealing to the government to show domestic violence as a separate category when the annual crime statistics are released next week.

MP Jan Logie says the true extent of domestic violence is hidden when it's lumped in with assaults that occur in the home.

"The government has had its head in the sand about the significance of domestic violence on child vulnerability," she said.

"Next week's annual crime statistics need to clearly show the true incidence of domestic violence."

Ms Logie says Child, Youth and Family's chief social worker, Paul Norris, has blamed domestic violence, substance abuse and untreated mental illness for a rise in notifications of child abuse and neglect.

"If CYFs blames domestic violence for being one of three key factors in driving increased child abuse, then it's bizarre and wrong that domestic violence isn't explicitly mentioned as part of the government's vulnerable children's action plan."