Cub Scouts release new single

If you'd spent the year with your songs on the radio and winning awards while touring Australia with Loon Lake, Ball Park Music, Pluto Jonze and even your own headline tour, most bands would celebrate by resting.

Instead, Cub Scouts celebrate by launching their first EP and a fantastic clip for the single "Told You So" with cameos from 90s icons like Bubble-O Bill, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Rubik's Cubes and Hubba Bubba.

Featuring the new single, the Cub Scouts' first physical disc will feature their previous singles "Evie" and the Queensland Music Awards Song of the Year "Do You Hear", making it a true reflection of an amazing year for the band.

"Told You So" sees the band exploring new territory, with their trademark keyboards and Tim Nelson's pure vocals attacking a more introspective, yet still catchy as hell track.

The band has also released a hilarious tour diary outlining their time on the road with Loon Lake last month. From chasing sheep to Outback Chips, conjunctivitis and cute dogs, Cub Scouts show what a rock n roll lifestyle looks like...2012 indie style.