Coal Seam Gas extraction puts environment at risk - Greens

"A massive expansion of Coal Seam Gas (CSG) extraction putting our

environment and clean green brand at risk is not the solution to

the Government’s economic woes," said Gareth Hughes Green

Party energy spokesperson.

CSG permits covering 13,640 sq km have been granted in the last two

years with a further 9049 sq km awaiting approval. CSG is extracted

through wells drilled into coal seams. The initial phase of CSG

production usually involves the extraction of water from the coal

seams in order to reduce the water pressure and release gas from

the coal. Environmental problems associated with CSG include direct

pollution as well as lowering of ground water levels which impact

on other users.

"Drew Hutton the President of the Australian Lock the Gates

Alliance is in New Zealand speaking about the risk to our farmland,

water and health from drilling and fracking for coal seam gas.

"If we don’t learn from the Australian experience we risk

damage to the agricultural sector which is dependent on clean


"There are numerous examples of Australian CSG projects causing

leaks, blow outs and other incidences of environmental pollution.

"We need to take a precautionary approach to CSG and not put our

environment and agricultural sector at risk.

"This Government’s economic agenda is focused on dirty

extractive industries. Coupled with the downgrading of the 100%

pure branding, to a sub brand in their Building Export Markets

document, highlights the Government’s economic strategy of

attacking our environment not building upon it.