Aussie boat loses skipper overboard

Australia's women's match racing crew had to settle for a silver medal after skipper Olivia Price fell overboard in a pivotal moment during their thrilling Olympic final against Spain.

The 20-year-old admitted she wasn't holding on tightly when a big wave hit her boat during race three of the best-of-five race final - when the closely-matched teams had one win each - and washed her out the back into the sea.

"It was quite a shock to the system," Price said.

"We rolled the Spanish to windward and the sea state was quite large and one of the waves just picked the boat up.

"... I wasn't holding on quite enough and I just got swept straight out the back."

It proved to be the decisive moment in the 3-2 loss in Weymouth Bay.

Price's crewmates Lucinda Whitty, 22, and Nina Curtis, 24 had to circle around and haul her back aboard.

The Spanish won the race easily and grabbed the series momentum.

Although the Australians did level the final four-all, they lost the fifth race after being handed a penalty turn and had to settle for the silver medal.