antarctica plane

A search is underway for a missing plane in Antarctica.

The plane, carrying three Canadian men, was reported missing on a flight from the South Pole to the Italian base in Terra Nova Bay.

The Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand is coordinating the search after the Twin Otter aircraft’s emergency locator transmitter was activated at around 10pm last night from the northern end of the Queen Alexandra Range, within New Zealand’s Search and Rescue Region.

Search and Rescue Mission Coordinator Mike Roberts says United States authorities at McMurdo were asked for assistance and an Air National Guard C130 aircraft flew to the position but was unable to sight the downed aircraft.

A second Twin Otter is scheduled to take off at around 8am NZ Time from McMurdo Station and will fly over the area.

It will aim to establish a forward base approximately 50km from the site, which is in a mountainous area, however weather conditions are currently poor with total cloud cover and increasing winds.

A joint New Zealand and US field rescue team will attempt to reach the site by helicopter when conditions improve.