McClennan wants Warriors coach support

NZ Newswire August 20, 2012, 11:38 am

Brian McClennan wants assistance from Stephen Kearney at the New Zealand Warriors next year - if he can hold onto his job.

First-year head coach McClennan oversaw a sixth straight loss in Sunday's 18-16 loss to Penrith and admitted his neck was on the chopping block with two matches to play this NRL season.

Some newspaper reports on Monday suggest Warriors management has already decided on a change of coach for 2013 but McClennan said he had heard nothing from club officials.

Instead, he was to continue talks this week with Kiwis mentor Kearney as part of an extensive season review.

McClennan told Warriors officials at the start of the review last month that he wanted another assistant under him alongside Tony Iro. His proposal coincided with Kearney's resignation from the under-performing Parramatta.

"Most clubs operate with a head coach and two assistants and I said that's the way to go," McClennan told LiveSport radio on Monday.

"We wanted to look at the best candidates we could and he (Kearney) fits that category."

McClennan said Kearney was carefully considering his options, which reportedly include returning to an assistant role at the Melbourne Storm.

Relocating his wife and two children again was playing a big part in Kearney's decision, McClennan said.

"And Steve's got a lot of questions to ask us. He'll make a decision after he's heard what the club has to offer.

"We're talking about the club's plans for the future, the resources that are coming into the club and what the structures are going to be."

McClennan was excited about the prospect of staying at the Warriors.

He believed investment plans in coaching and fresh funds for training equipment would put them on a level playing field with consistent top clubs such as Melbourne, Canterbury and Brisbane.

The Warriors' penultimate game is against St George Illawarra in Wollongong on Saturday.

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  1. Pat12:12am Tuesday 21st August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Enough talk.... the only real question is ...when will the Worriers become Warriors

  2. Lita08:11pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Its a matter of picking the right players to play the full 80mins when they fluff around with not so good players than they will lose. Field the best team and forget the inconsistent f...kers! The coach seems to lack in the department of picking he right players a prime example getting rid of inu was a big mistake.

  3. Lita08:07pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Why did they kick Inu out? Look at the Bulldogs theyre no.1 now and Inu is playing really well the warriors did not know how to use him.

  4. Stephen John06:50pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    The loss of our soldiers in Afghanistan's an absolute tragedy for both the families and the nation. I don't know what we're doing there anymore. I thought it was to fight terrorism. The Taliban aren't on any list of terrorist organisations and anyway most of the terrorist have gone to Syria to hone their skills. "Bring our soldiers home".

    1 Reply
  5. Baden06:49pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    two negatives make a positive BUT do two losers make a winner?

  6. Kiki1405:15pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    we have one of the biggest league brains still here in NZ, though hes not a Kiwi he is hounoured and respected by every sportsperson in the land, so why hasnt Steve Price been approached, lookin at Kearney or to reappoint Mclennan is backward thinking, with pricey at the helm we'll be able to atract world class athletes from accross the ditch, what world class player would want to be coached by kearney nor bluey, im not against kiwi coaches, we need to stop looking at this club as a kiwi's team, at has to be for the benefit of us diehard warriors fans that keep the turnstiles ticking

    1 Reply
  7. Peter04:47pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Bluey wants Kearny so they can share the blame, Kearny failed with the EELS, what makes him think he can be better with an ill disclipined team like the warriors, frankly i think the coach is only partly to blame, its management that keep getting rid of goiod players, thinking the juniors or the vulcans can fill the gap, sorry that doesnt work, the NRL division 1 grade is a lot tougher than those 2 grades, what we need is some more aussie talent, players with brains and stamina. not being racist, but we need more caucasian players. individually some of our guys are great, but they just dont mould in as a team, to many rip #$%$ and thump players, we need line breakers

    2 Replies
  8. 04:30pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Hopefully people will see why ISSP , Inbred Son of Sibling Person , shouldn't be taken seriously. He has never got his facts right, has been anti Rugby , anti Rugby League anti NZ , anti Australasian sports and culture,. The only sport he has given positives about and sticks up for is SOCCER , he is a lover of soccer. But as you can see his facts , no Maori controls NZRL and if more quality Caucasians played league they to would be selected. Once again ISSP your full of it.

  9. Jimmy04:30pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    what about steve price as coach???? with kearney as assistant.

    1 Reply
  10. Jimmy04:26pm Monday 20th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    well done brian mclennan! have single handedly turned the warriors into a say everything you do is 'for the team'...if thats the case then you should resign as coach. when the camera goes to the coaching box you and john ackland look as bored as hell as if you dont want to be there.and as for new coaching gear!!!...its not the under 10's brian its the nrl.


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