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Yahoo! New Zealand Sport July 2, 2012, 1:24 pm
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  1. esteban11:16pm Wednesday 04th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    the winners get to rape someone I think

  2. 11:03pm Wednesday 04th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Hear hear Te Kinga. Awful sport in every aspect.

  3. Te Kinga10:49pm Wednesday 04th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Its Loigue in Australia . The biggest gathering of criminal elements this side of the black stump. Hampshire St in ChCh would be proud. Take a look at the hard nosed tarts in the crowd doing the finger . What a load of tripe . The games got no credibility.

  4. 06:20pm Tuesday 03rd July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    I think this is 'open discussion' well any-way .. I,d like to see the blues win this, I reckon they,ve done enough in the first 2 games to say "we should win this series" we,ve got their measure, If we can turn the heat up .. just a little bit more .. that late try in the first game allmost caused that angry vein In my forehead to burst - to quote Paul Gallon " how can that be a try ref? .. he knocked the fu*^#ng thing on " that mistake cost me money at the TAB. ya bar$!@rd .. hahaha I had em 6 & under .. you motherf..rrr!


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