Round One

Friday March 12
Broncos 30 Cowboys 24
Eels 12 Dragons 18

Saturday March 13
Bulldogs 16 Knights 20
Panthers 34 Raiders 16
Sharks 10 Storm 14

Sunday March 14
Titans 24 Warriors 18
Rabbitohs 10 Roosters 36

Monday March 15
Wests Tigers 26 Sea Eagles 22

Round Two

Friday March 19
Dragons 26 Bulldogs 6
Rabbitohs 18 Titans 19

Saturday March 20
Warriors 30 Sharks 16
Knights 14 Storm 20
Cowboys 28 Panthers 20

Sunday March 21
Eels 24 Sea Eagles 20
Roosters 44 Wests Tigers 32

Monday March 22
Raiders 22 Broncos 14

Round Three

Friday March 26
Wests Tigers 23 Eels 12
Dragons 33 Cowboys 8

Saturday March 27
Panthers 10 Storm 16
Sea Eagles 36 Knights 12
Titans 24 Raiders 4

Sunday March 28
Broncos 16 Warriors 48
Bulldogs 60 Roosters 14

Monday March 29
Sharks 8 Rabbitohs 30

Round Four

Friday April 2
Storm 17 Dragons 4
Roosters 25 Broncos 6

Saturday April 3
Sharks 11 Eels 0
Cowboys 32 Titans 18

Sunday April 4
Raiders 22 Wests Tigers 35
Warriors 6 Sea Eagles 14

Monday April 5
Knights 30 Panthers 34
Rabbitohs 38 Bulldogs 16

Round Five

Friday April 9
Dragons 34 Broncos 16
Titans 20 Storm 16

Saturday April 10
Rabbitohs 28 Knights 10
Bulldogs 24 Warriors 30
Cowboys 16 Wests Tigers 23

Sunday April 11
Sea Eagles 40 Sharks 12
Panthers 28 Roosters 6

Monday April 12
Eels 14 Raiders 24

Round Six

Friday April 16
Titans 6 Dragons 19
Wests Tigers 4 Bulldogs 24

Saturday April 17
Knights 36 Cowboys 18
Roosters 36 Raiders 6

Sunday April 18
Warriors 12 Panthers 40
Broncos 44 Sharks 16
Eels 22 Rabbitohs 9

Monday April 19
Storm 16 Sea Eagles 18

Round Seven

Friday April 23
Bulldogs v Broncos, 9.35pm
Cowboys v Eels, 10.35pm

Saturday April 24
Panthers v Sea Eagles, 7.30pm
Sharks v Knights, 9.30pm

Sunday April 25
Raiders v Rabbitohs, 2pm
Dragons v Roosters, 4pm
Storm v Warriors, 8pm

Monday April 26
Sea Eagles v Titans, 9pm

Round Eight - The following dates will be announced by the NRL at a later date
Broncos v Knights
Cowboys v Storm
Dragons v Sharks
Eels v Bulldogs
Rabbitohs v Sea Eagles
Titans v Panthers
Warriors v Raiders
Wests Tigers v Roosters

Round Nine
Knights v Titans
Roosters v Cowboys
Sea Eagles v Dragons
Storm v Broncos

Round 10
Broncos v Titans
Bulldogs v Dragons
Raiders v Storm
Roosters v Knights
Sea Eagles v Eels
Sharks v Panthers
Warriors v Cowboys
Wests Tigers v Rabbitohs

Round 11
Dragons v Raiders
Eels v Sharks
Knights v Wests Tigers
Panthers v Bulldogs
Warriors v Rabbitohs

Round 12
Cowboys v Sea Eagles
Dragons v Eels
Rabbitohs v Panthers
Sharks v Broncos
Storm v Bulldogs
Titans v Roosters
Wests Tigers v Warriors

Round 13
Bulldogs v Wests Tigers
Eels v Storm
Panthers v Knights
Rabbitohs v Cowboys
Raiders v Titans
Roosters v Sharks
Sea Eagles v Broncos
Warriors v Dragons

Round 14
Broncos v Rabbitohs
Cowboys v Raiders
Knights v Warriors
Storm v Roosters
Titans v Sea Eagles

Round 15
Broncos v Panthers
Bulldogs v Titans
Knights v Eels
Sea Eagles v Rabbitohs
Sharks v Dragons
Storm v Cowboys
Wests Tigers v Raiders
Cowboys v Sharks

Round 16
Dragons v Wests Tigers
Eels v Broncos
Panthers v Sea Eagles
Rabbitohs v Storm
Raiders v Bulldogs
Roosters v Warriors

Round 17
Titans v Knights
Broncos v Wests Tigers
Dragons v Panthers
Raiders v Roosters
Sharks v Bulldogs
Warriors v Eels

Round 18
Bulldogs v Storm
Eels v Cowboys
Knights v Sharks
Roosters v Rabbitohs
Panthers v Warriors
Sea Eagles v Raiders
Wests Tigers v Titans

Round 19
Panthers v Eels
Rabbitohs v Dragons
Raiders v Knights
Roosters v Bulldogs
Sharks v Sea Eagles
Titans v Broncos
Warriors v Storm
Wests Tigers v Cowboys

Round 20
Broncos v Roosters
Bulldogs v Eels
Cowboys v Knights
Dragons v Titans
Rabbitohs v Warriors
Raiders v Sharks
Sea Eagles v Wests Tigers

Round 21
Broncos v Dragons
Bulldogs v Rabbitohs
Eels v Roosters
Knights v Sea Eagles
Panthers v Cowboys
Storm v Raiders
Warriors v Titans
Wests Tigers v Sharks
Storm v Panthers

Round 22
Cowboys v Broncos
Knights v Bulldogs
Rabbitohs v Wests Tigers
Raiders v Panthers
Roosters v Dragons
Sea Eagles v Storm
Sharks v Warriors
Titans v Eels

Round 23
Broncos v Eels
Bulldogs v Raiders
Dragons v Sea Eagles
Sharks v Roosters
Storm v Rabbitohs
Titans v Cowboys
Warriors v Knights
Wests Tigers v Panthers

Round 24
Cowboys v Bulldogs
Eels v Wests Tigers
Knights v Broncos
Panthers v Rabbitohs
Raiders v Dragons
Roosters v Titans
Sea Eagles v Warriors
Storm v Sharks

Round 25
Bulldogs v Panthers
Knights v Dragons
Rabbitohs v Eels
Raiders v Cowboys
Roosters v Sea Eagles
Sharks v Titans
Warriors v Broncos
Wests Tigers v Storm

Round 26
Broncos v Raiders
Cowboys v Roosters
Dragons v Rabbitohs
Eels v Warriors
Panthers v Sharks
Sea Eagles v Bulldogs
Storm v Knights
Titans v Wests Tigers

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