Tottenham goalkeeper Carlo Cudicini was shocked by events in Rome this week.

Fans were stabbed and one seriously hurt during a terrifying attack on a pub by a masked gang ahead of Thursday's game between Lazio and Spurs.

Tottenham's Italian goalkeeper told his Twitter followers that he felt 'ashamed' and, as arrests were made in Rome, urged the authorities to act.

"If this is keeping happening, UEFA has to do something," said Cudicini. "I can't think about Italy as a dangerous place to come. If this keeps happening then something has to be done."

English football was once a by-word for violence and English teams were banned by UEFA from European competitions until these issues were tackled.

"England can become a role model for all nations," said Cudicini. "It's a country that should be looked at in terms of how to solve the hooligan problems.

"Now there are not a lot of incidents in England and the English stadiums have places for families to go and for children to come and watch matches."

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