Dodgy Australian medal table causes a stir
Dodgy Australian medal table causes a stir

You would be hard pressed not to know by now that New Zealand is currently sitting way above Australia on the official London Olympics medal table.

For once New Zealand has got one over their cheeky neighbors and bitter rivals with three gleaming gold’s to Australia's measly one.

Of course never one to be gracious in defeat one Australian newspaper has decided to rectify this unheralded situation by combining Australia and New Zealand’s medal count, in turn giving them a boost up the medal table.

Instead of currently sitting in 24th place, thanks to the efforts of New Zealand's heroic rowers, the trans-Tasman neighbours now currently sit with New Zealand in ninth.

We are not sure if this is someone at Sydney’s Daily Telegraphs idea of a joke, but we are sure most Kiwis will not find this blatant act of doctoring all that funny.

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