The number crunchers have worked their magic to improve New Zealand's medal performance at the Olympics.

The good news is that New Zealand now sits third on the medal table if you calculate medals per head of population, ahead of Australia in fifth spot.

The bad news is that, somehow, we are behind Qatar and Slovenia.

Statistics New Zealand on Thursday, again produced its own medal table for the Olympics, based on population.

At the end of day five in London, Qatar had one bronze medal, putting them 39th equal on the traditional medal table, and New Zealand, with two bronze medals, was 37th equal.

"However, if we rank countries on the basis of medals per million people, Qatar (1.76 million people) came 1st, and New Zealand (approximately 4.4 million people) came 3rd," Stats NZ said.

The same per head of population calculation would put China, with 1.3 billion people, in 42nd position.

Stats NZ says it will update its calculations throughout the Games.

Meanwhile, the raw numbers have China topping the medal tally with 30, 17 of them gold, followed by the United States with 29 medals, including 12 gold. Australia are lying 15th with nine medals, one of them gold.

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