Lukas Podolski is excited to be playing for Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger.

The former FC Cologne star agreed to move before the end of last season.

Podolski said: "He has a record getting Arsenal into the Champions League every season and his reputation in Germany and all over Europe is very strong.

"What I like about him is his passion for attacking football. He aims to play with style and flair all the time. Those are his principles and he'll never compromise on them.

"Some people are disappointed with him, but they need to realise what a great coach they have. Mr Wenger could have moved on to another club, I am sure, but instead chose to stay and build something over the long term.

"He lives and dies by his own ideas and Arsenal is his baby. His reputation has been built on improving players and if he can help me take my game up a notch or two I'll be delighted.

"Back home in Germany, football people think very highly of Arsene Wenger. They listen to what he has to say and admire his achievements."

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