Marcelo Bielsa has announced he won't be leaving Athletic Bilbao.

After meeting with the club's board on Friday evening, Bielsa was convinced to rethink his decision, but he admitted in a statement on his Facebook page on Monday that the disagreement had affected the camp.

"I will continue developing my role as I have until now," the 56-year-old said. "I maintain the commitment I accepted with the institution.

"I can accept their [the board's] removal of my authority, but... they indicated that my statements lacked truth. What has happened has modified our relationship."

Bielsa stood by his earlier criticism of the work being done at the club's training ground.

"It is not my subjective opinion with respect to the quality of work, the stage of its development, the control and fulfilment of the works at Lezama," he said.

"I can show that every one of the things I said corresponds to concrete and verifiable facts.

"If no one has been at fault, then why were the facilities not available for the first team for the start of pre-season?"

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