Inter Milan defender Cristian Chivu expects they'll take the Europa League seriously.

The Nerazzurri will play in the much-aligned competition this season.

Chivu said: "The preparation phase is crucial to allow us to do the job well. We need to charge the batteries for the season and the foundations are laid here.

"We will try to give everything in the Europa League, we want to go all the way. Our example is Atletico, who were in the preliminary and then came on to win the Europa League.

"Personal Goals? This is not the right phrase because we are a group and we must all work hard to bring success to the team.

"Certainly to be in good health physically and mentally and in the sense that victories help you feel good because it is easier to work. You have to work harder when you lose.

"I think our fortune will be in having a healthy youth team, in which some of these guys - having the chance to train with the first team - can only progress in."

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