Former Tottenham star Jamie Redknapp isn't buying into the hype around Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli's Euros campaign.

Redknapp wrote in the Daily Mail: "Balotelli is like a volcano waiting to erupt, a bubbling cauldron of trouble with a giant risk of letting you down.

"In the stampede to salute his dazzling performance for Italy against Germany, we are forgetting that 83 days ago he was sent off for Manchester City at Arsenal and betrayed his team-mates with an outrageous act of petulance.

"If Manchester United had gone about their business in their normal professional manner, that would have been the single most significant moment that cost Manchester City the title.

"Instead, he is a champion - thanks mainly to the efforts of his team-mates while he was suspended - and now he may be a European champion, too."

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