Chelsea legend Didier Drogba has revealed Roberto di Matteo told his players to forget about Lionel Messi for their famous Champions League semifinal triumph.

After signing for Shanghai Shenhua this week, Drogba revealed the preparations that went into their stunning victory over Barca.

"When we were about to play against [Barcelona], we watched a lot of video," Drogba said.

"We knew we were playing the best team in the world. So for us playing this game, especially when we came from Napoli and we should have been out a long time ago, we were lucky to be there but we played hard as well.

"So when we watched the video, the manager wasn't showing Messi. At the end, you could see the important players.

"The ones who scored and created assists, the most consistent guys. With Messi, he just said that he had 61 goals. We all started laughing. We knew we were in for a difficult night but we did our best."

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