Black Caps look to bat out draw

NZ Newswire Updated July 29, 2012, 1:14 pm

In-form opener Martin Guptill is hoping recent history will inspire the Black Caps as they look to bat out the final day of the first cricket Test against the West Indies in Antigua on Monday.

Guptill, who fell three short of a century in New Zealand's first innings of 351 all out, dug in for a vital 123-run second-wicket partnership with Brendon McCullum to give the Black Caps a 28-run lead at stumps on the fourth day.

Captain Ross Taylor and nightwatchman Neil Wagner saw New Zealand safely through to 199-3 at the close, after the West Indies picked up two vital late wickets in dismissing Guptill and McCullum in the last session of the day.

Earlier, the West Indies added another 80 runs to their overnight total of 442-6, bowled out for 522 on the stroke of lunchtime.

Guptill accumulated a patient 67 off 151 balls before falling victim to some extra bounce from spinner Sunil Narine and gloving the catch to Assad Fudadin at short leg.

He says the Black Caps can draw confidence from the memory of March's final Test draw against South Africa in Wellington, when Kane Williamson's unbeaten 102 anchored New Zealand as they batted out the final day.

"It gives us a lot, because we've been there and done it," Guptill said.

"With Kane coming in next, and Ross already at the wicket, that's two of our class acts in the batting line-up.

"Hopefully they can put the West Indies to the sword tomorrow."

Guptill says holding out Narine will play a key role in New Zealand's fortunes on Monday, after the wily spinner picked up his maiden Test five-wicket haul in the first innings.

"It's about watching the ball hard - watching what his hands are doing, you can pick up a couple of little keys with his deliveries," Guptill said.

He said the wicket was showing variation in bounce as the day drew to a close, and the Black Caps would have to maintain concentration if they wanted to bat out the draw.

"Narine was getting a few to take there at the end, but there were a few balls staying low off Kemar Roach as well which we'll have to watch."

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  1. 11:16am Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    [shakes head] The NZ media really talks up utter guff don't they? they were already into the Windies tail and they've scored at a pathetic rate. 3 down for a lead of 28 is not a good performance.

  2. Jordan11:19am Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Vetorri couldnt get the ball to move one millimeter...naurine has spin...bounce...guile...skill...Windies will win by 7 wickets, if not 8....basically 28-3 and that sums up this team of club level players...

  3. 11:19am Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    So in reality they are 28/3. Pathetic. Despite the PC rubbish that's written here it's a fail again for the Black Sheep. Tomorrow will see the inevitable the windies bowlers will tear them apart AGAIN.

  4. 11:41am Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    It's probably going to be a draw, however it will NOT be favourable when they tally up the points for test rankings.

  5. tom11:49am Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Tom sings Neil Diamond folks."I am -I said.And no one cares-those Black Collapsers just wouldn't-fall down the stairs.I am-I cried.I've been denied.Those Black Collapsers didn't just die.They just wouldn't let go--as the Windies tossed down bowling so slow.And like a man filled with despair--i just collapsed in my chair.Feeling lonely still.But come the first light of a new born day-these Black Collapsers will just finally fade away.Leaving me wondering still"

  6. tom11:54am Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Tom sings Calypso folks."Twenty eight fer three--losers dese Black Collapsers are gonna be--way-way-up dat monkey loser tree-dere gonna have to flush out and see-dat beating these Windies is not gonna be--EASY" Sing along fans.

  7. Stuart12:28pm Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    We have the great performances in Olympics, Rugby, Netball and others to watch, and yet we continually get this bunch of posing losers and their boring minority pastime popping up like a bad smell in very bit of media. When will they disappear and only be seen in summer when we can get out to the beach to get away from them? I watched when they panned the camera around the stands when the test was shown on the TV sports news, the great cheering from the audience must have been dubbed in, I only counted about 50 people in the "crowd". About the same as you would get for a school sports game.

    1 Reply
  8. pat12:40pm Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Hang on a min! didnt the experts*** (2 of the above commenters ) say it would be all over by day 4 !! hahahahahahahaha the 2 village idiots get it completely WRONG AGAIN ... god , i love it when this happens , Must be good business for dentists though... they musta gnashed all their teeth down by now

    4 Replies
  9. tom02:11pm Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Oh what is a day!!Check out the time frame!!!These losers plodded and poked and wasted time.The Indies belted and slammed this Losers bowling lineup all over the park for a quick 550 odd.Then back with the Wall clingers.Dreary batting again.In the Trenches.Normal.What's a day??????The inevitable will surmise--these Black Collapsers will fall apart on Day5..Dr.Voodoo king Kookoo indicates such. "Bones to dust mon.White bones"

  10. tom02:15pm Sunday 29th July 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    "Pat!!!Come here at once!Didn't i tell you that when i am out working for this house and keep you are to keep off the computer and do some housework!!Didn't i???Well little Pat--no tookie for you this week.Just keep that little pecker of yours limp--you wimp"

    4 Replies

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