Serena Williams tweets out a picture of her incredibly swollen ankle

January 25, 2013, 3:17 pm

No, that is not something you might see on "The Nutty Professor," that is actually Serena Williams' right ankle, courtesy of Serena's Twitter feed late Wednesday evening.

Williams lost to American Sloane Stephens in her quarterfinals match at the Australian Open, the first time a younger American had ever beaten Serena and while it was a huge upset a lot had to do with the health of Williams.

And as you can see, it was justified.

Williams spoke after the loss on Wednesday saying, "I’ve had a tough two weeks between the ankle, which is like this big every day," and motioned to something that you might consider that big, but wow, that looks painful.

Hopefully the ankle, and Serena, return to form when the French Open rolls around in late May.

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  1. BRIAN08:54pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    What a load of rubbish. Anyone who watched that match knows she complained of a sore back ,called the trainer to have treatment and left the court to do so. Her ankle was never a problem and if you doubt that watch the game again and notice how she was running from side to side near the end. She has never been taught how to lose, that's her problem!!!

  2. Dylan08:48pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    ape feet for the mike tyson of tennis.she shounld be gender tested

  3. Rob08:43pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    sorry miller you should have said earlier that you had purchased Serena's used underwear online & sleep with it every night since. Look here numb nuts I don't deny she is a great player but I have question the photo... don't you??? Happy sniffing

  4. combocaz08:42pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    looks fake, noway you could get a shoe on that foot let alone walk on it.

  5. Lisa08:31pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Where did i say i dont like her 2nd5eight? correct i didnt...shes a great tennis player no denying that,,,what i do question is whether that pic is real or not?

  6. Skip08:30pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Rob is just another hater peckerwood cracker! Go and off yourself ya wanker!

  7. Skip08:27pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Rob you nonce, she would beat ten shades of shite out of you! Go back to humping your mum and sister you stupid perkerwood cracker!

  8. Rob08:21pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Yeah you are right 258, my bad.... I just didn't realise she had elephantitis!!

  9. Alex08:20pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    quick recovery Serena!

  10. second5eight07:59pm Friday 25th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    what,she's not full it at all...get you 2. she is easily the best womens tennis player of all time. she did really well just to finish the match. she might be black and she maybe fat...ish be she smashes that ball like no other. 15 grand slams says it all,lisa and rob just a couple of haters.




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