Good riddance Lance Armstrong, you're a monster

The Man in the Stand January 18, 2013, 9:56 pm

The doping doesn't really disgust or surprise me.

Thousands of pro-cyclists have obviously done the same.

And nor does the cover-up really shock me.

After all, an ex-President of America and a cricket administration close to home have resorted to that.

What really and truly does fill me with revulsion is the extent to which Liar Armstrong, in the most cold-blooded, calculated and conniving manner, was content to wreck so many lives and the massive amounts of cash he stole at the same time.

And no cosying up to the Queen of Ratings, Oprah Winfrey has convinced me otherwise.

At the merest hint of being exposed, the sporting world's most Devious Liar of all time systematically ruined peoples' careers, credibility and peace-of-mind.

These permanently messed-up victims became a necessary part of the massive cover-up industry that Swindler Armstrong surrounded himself with.

But not once, not for a milli-second over a decade of cheating and lying, did a shred of compassion get through to Ratbag Armstrong and make him think that devastating other peoples' existences just wasn't worth it.

One of the more chilling examples of the hundreds of threats that Armstrong Inc. sent out has to be the message that delivered to Levi Leipheimer, the wife of a teammate of Armstrong's.

"Run, don't walk," was the horrifying advice that the coward gave.

Another teammate's wife, Betsy Andreu spoke of the constant onslaught on her integrity when she dared to speak out.

"Imagine the energy and the self-doubt involved, day in and day out, to defend yourself against such a powerful force that Armstrong created....all for simply telling the truth".

And then there's the cash that Con Artist Armstrong pilfered behind the deceitful veil of his supposed stupendous achievements and his supposed care for cancer sufferers.

The many millions of sponsorship dollars that came his way have played a substantial part of his 125 million dollar fortune.

Plus he amassed a King's ransom in successfully mounting libel cases like the $500,000 he received from the Sunday Times of London.

Scumbag Armstrong has only fessed up since he's been completely cornered and slippery PR merchants have told him that there's no alternative but to own up and appear to be sorry.

But no false contrition and an acutely self-serving performance in front of Oprah Winfrey has convinced me that this slime-ball deserves an ounce of sympathy or a moment of forgiveness.

More importantly, nor should anybody who has the ability to give this King of Greed a whiff of a chance of competing in any form of competitive sport ever again.

'''The man is a monster.

There can be no way back.'''

Your thoughts please.

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  1. PhilH02:00am Tuesday 29th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    While I don't condone what Armstrong did,I can understand why he continued to deny it and still carry on racing.To not race after being suspected of cheating would be an admission of guilt.He obviously thought "in for a penny in fpr a pound".and just blustered his way through.I bet he was probably amazed that he got a way with it for so long, thendeluded himself into believing that he was allowed to do what he did to win those races.What a bunch of whimps those people in charge of the sport are Any sport that has had the number of suspected doping cases over the length of time that the Tour de France has been raced and not got on top of it ,deserves the notorioty it has got.I too like alot of sports fans feel deeply disappointed about the demise of Armstrong.I held to the belief that the sport would not let him get away with cheating over so long a period...oh how wrong I was...I feel for those who knew otherwise and tried to speak out and got slammed not only by Armstrong but also the officials responsible for the sport..

  2. 05:19pm Monday 28th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Like Man in the Stand, it was not the doping or the deception that concerned me as much as the almost rabid attempts to sue anyonewho dared to question his actions. He was and still is a very devious and dangerous man.

  3. Hangman06:21pm Saturday 26th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Man in the. Stand you are an idiot you sit with your laptop ready to condemn anyone what have you done with your miserable life,how easy to tear anyone apart,did Armstrong hurt you,no you are a motor mouth.

  4. 12:46pm Saturday 26th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    I have been following this sport for quite sometime i have to agree with the majority Lance what you have done is a disgrace to your family fans and to the other pro riders whom honestly take there sport serious.But i dont think all is lost on the other hand you have also done alot outside the sport you provided hope when for some all was lost and before you all think im mad or insane.look to our movie stars musicians and other high profile people in this world and most of these do drugs are bully's and seem to buy there way out, the musicians whom have spent time in jail ie Michael Jackson, Elvis Jim Morrison to name a few yet the public still buy there albums this is not a justification for what lance has done just pointing out on one hand we admire druggies and criminals when it suits and on another we banish go beyond the sport and compare apples with apples.I am certainly not a Armstrong fan just pointing out facts with a different view.

  5. Neil12:58pm Monday 21st January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    the biggest disgrace is that so many muppets got conned and believed in armstrong. presumably they also believe in the tooth fairy? maybe even santa? oprah's 'interview' was a snow job ... she knew what she was getting when the cheque was written for the druggie. anyone thinking that is ground breaking needs an uppercut

  6. AdeleR10:23am Monday 21st January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    LynnM you can blame who you will but i doubt anybody held him down and forced the drugs on him. You imply that athletes must behave badly if they want to become part of the elite....i am sure there are many elite athletes that would disagree. Armstrong made his own decisions about taking performance enhancing drugs and then lied about it continuously. He finally did the right thing and stopped lying about it but it doesn't make anything right and he should never be able to compete professionally again.

  7. Uriel10:56am Sunday 20th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Ahh Scott, you certainly epitomise the mentality of the mob

  8. LynnM09:50am Sunday 20th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Who did he 'destroy'?

  9. Scott Paterson09:36am Sunday 20th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    Even if Lance knows every other person who was involved in doping and is willing to give them up - I suggest that he be offered no deal and still be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. There are others we could get that information from - and for lance, the man who went so out of his way to destroy any who stood up to him, I suggest making an example is more important regardless of how many others might also have cheated in a similar way.

  10. LynnM09:34am Sunday 20th January 2013 NZDTReport Abuse

    The greater fault lies with the professionalization of sport and ultimately with the corporates. So, reserve some of your hysterical hyperbole for Nike, Trek, Oakley, the TV networks & all the other corporates that made $billions out of Armstrong. Before you drown in your lake of sanctimony, ask yourself where performance enhancement stops. What about the prophylactic use of NSAIDs? Athletes couldn't perform as well without them, they can be bought across the counter & are dispensed by team doctors - even though they are metabolic time bombs.




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