Another non-surprise regarding Jake the Fake

July 3, 2012, 4:56 am


always plays out its own significant role in sport.

No more than so in recent weeks and days.

For instance, who would have thought that two

comprehensive All Blacks hidings over Ireland would have sandwiched in between
them a 22 to 19 close shave for the men in black in the second test.

And who would have thought that some

relatively unknown journeyman, Lukas Rosol managed to play tennis at such a
celestial level at Wimbledon, he brushed aside the redoubtable Rafael Nadal, a
champion who has built his stellar career on his refusal to give in amongst his
other sublime skills.


surprises such as these pale into oblivion, compared to the surprise that I and
thousands of other Black Caps fans receive each and every time that the
selectors continue to give Jake the Fake Oram yet another massively undeserved
contract inevitably at the expense of those candidates far more justified.

To be fair to Oram, he does regularly keep on

presenting a case to the selectors-for-a-day to be biffed out once and for

The odd worthy performance, usually with the

ball, is invariably the exception amongst the overwhelming majority of
nothing-contributions, especially with the bat.

And always accompanying this mediocrity are

the injuries.

The never-ending, highly-consistent,

predictable array of injuries that Jake the Fake goes to great lengths to
explain and encourage fans to show more patience with on each occasion.

Patience Jake?


isn't enough patience available in the whole wide world to keep up with your Guinness
Book-like list of ailments over the years.

That's why when Oram supposedly sustained a

knee injury within minutes of this tour starting against the Windies in the
first T20 game, the "least surprise scenario" in world sport has
again cropped up for what feels like the zillionth time to me.

In other words, cricketing's version of

Groundhog Day.

What makes this repetitive joke of giving

Oram endless contracts worse is when there is a stronger case for far more deserving
and obvious candidates such as Mark Gillespie, Neil Wagner.


is also injury prone, he's carrying niggles right now but produces nowhere
near the deluge that always accompanies Oram

He sliced through the South Africans

repeatedly last summer which prompted the world's greatest all-rounder, Jacques
Kallis, to enquire as to why Gillespie had been overlooked when available?

And Neil Wagner couldn't have been more

impressive in taking swags of wickets for Otago and becoming the highest
wicket-taker in the last two Plunket Shield tournaments.

I can only assume that Jake the Fake must

always be able to rely upon having the ear of the most important decision-makers
of the day which in turn, contributes to that undeniable conclusion that the
Blacks Caps have a club-like set-up where it's often easier to gain entry into
than being expelled.


of which hardly amounts to developing a culture of rewarding performance and
thereby building depth.

Your thoughts please.

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  1. PhilH10:52pm Tuesday 04th September 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    There is loyalty and there is stupidity when it comes to selecting.Don't get me wrong I have always loved the way Jake played the his prime, however those days are gone and it is time for new blood.You will not get this coming thru if you don't support the up and coming.Jake shouldn't need supporting on a "contract" if he is good enough he should venture ovverseas and ply his trade.Give Ross Taylor a decent team and put them all on notice that if they don't perform they will be dropped...Hareden up.

  2. Stephen John08:00am Thursday 16th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Take Ostapchuk's advice anything. I don't care. Just don't take note of any of fake in the stands advice.

  3. Rod01:15pm Sunday 12th August 2012 NZSTReport Abuse

    Selectors should listen to the South Africans, they might learn something




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