An armed intruder created chaos at an NBA game at the weekend after storming onto the court before a clash between the LA Clippers and the Cleveland Cavaliers.

The ticketless man is thought to have used the threat of a knife to make his way through the employee entrance and into the stadium. The intruder then ran onto the court, where Cavaliers forward Christian Eyenga was out practicing.

Eyenga, a Congolese native ran back into the locker room while the man was eventually brought down after a shower of rubber bullet fire from security guards and police officers after a 20-minute standoff and led into custody.

Luckily no one in attendance were hurt or seriously threatened.

"He was talking a lot of gibberish, making a lot of threats and nobody could understand him," senior vice president and general manager of the Staples Center and Nokia Theater L.A. Live Lee Zeidman said after the scare.

"There was a lot of vulgarity, a lot of statements that didn't make any sense. We, quite frankly, don't understand why he tried to do this. There were no specific demands."

Both teams were in a joking mood following the incident, while the Clippers went on to win the game 100 to 92.

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