Big Benn Harradine says he's still searching for the delicate balance between trying too hard and not trying hard enough after disappointment in the Olympic discus final.

The burly 198cm-tall Harradine came up just short of making the top-eight cut - and the chance at another three throws - with a best effort of 63.59m to finish ninth.

While an improvement on his Beijing Olympics showing, when he missed the final in 14th, the Melbourne-based athlete afterwards questioned his ability to deliver at big meets.

Something approaching his personal best of 67.53 would have put him firmly among the leaders, with Germany's two-time world champion Robert Harting taking the gold in 68.27m in a tight battle for medals, extending and unbeaten record that dates back to August 2010.

Harradine mulled that consistency was a key problem area.

"I know I can do that, but doing it at the right time is tricky," he said.

"I had one throw this year over 67m and it's important to remember that was once only.

"The guy who won gold threw 70m five times in a row."

On a breezy night at London's Olympic Stadium, Harradine started with a throw just under 60m, before hitting a 63.16m and finishing off with a 63.59m.

That made him about 40cm short of making the eight.

"You try too hard and it goes down the toilet," said the 29-year-old.

"I don't think I tried too hard though, I just didn't try hard enough.

"Finding that happy medium is always a tricky thing."

Harradine has been battling a knee injury since February and while he trialled going without his trusty knee brace in London, he was back wearing it on Tuesday.

He plans to go under the surgeon's knife in November, but said his long-term prospects are still rock-solid.

"I've got one Olympic cycle left and then I'll have a think," he said.

"I see no reason to hang up the boots just yet."

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