Athlete tells of drunken sex and debauchery at Olympics
Athlete tells of drunken sex and debauchery at Olympics

Olympic athletes are known for their hard training and mental strength but what they are lesser known for is their penchant for hard drinking and copious amounts of sex.

Because according to one anonymous US athlete when they are not competing Olympians can be found 'staying up all night partying' before waiting for 'McDonald's to start serving breakfast at 4.30 in the morning.'

The athlete also told the New York Post that many competitors' 'eat, sleep, then get up at 9 or 10am for press' before they start partying all over again.

'Two years ago, it was Day six or seven [of partying] for me, and I was like, "I quit". And they were like, "You call yourself an Olympian?" she added.

And with the partying comes plenty of sex, made all the more inviting as there are free and unlimited, logos stamped condoms on offer at every Olympic Games.

But the dark side of the games doesn’t stop there.

According to US Nordic Combined Athlete Todd Lodwick the US team travels to Washington to meet the President two months after the closing ceremony of the Games, but instead of feeling fresh and focused the team arrive early and get "completely blotto. By the end of the night, everyone's sleeping in a room they shouldn't be sleeping in," Lodwick said.

"It's a sobering experience, knowing you were still drunk at 5am and are on a bus by 7am to meet the president at 10am." Lodwick said.

And the anonymous female also backed up these claims saying on the day she went to meet the President she "woke up with this guy, I drank so much, I had no recollection of what happened."

Lodwick and the female's experiences also back up a tell-all expose published earlier this year,

The anonymously penned book lifted the lid on the secrets of the Olympic Village, with claims that competitors smuggled in drugs and filled water bottles with liquor to get it into the drugs and alcohol free zone.

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