From our big brother over at Shutdown Corner comes this amazing story of a sports man who just put his haters in their place.

Chad Ochocinco is an NFL star who has just signed for the Miami Dolphins. He has something of a chequered past but that's all gone after this touching and amazing thing he has done.

A woman asked Ochocinco for his prayers as she was mourning the loss of her husband of 30 years who died two weeks ago and she was feeling low:

Ochocinco, however, is getting married and so has plenty on. No-one could have blamed him if he didn't have time to reply.

Instead what happened next brings tears to our eyes:

Sometimes it's easy to focus on the negative side of sports stars. It makes us happy to be able to give someone major props for being nice to someone.

We hope Cheryl had a fantastic day at the NFL star's wedding and everything went swimmingly for the former Chad Johnson.

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