There will be five medal events in the Olympic tennis competition - men's singles, women's singles, men's doubles, women's doubles and mixed doubles.

Each country is limited to a total of 12 athletes - six men and six women across all events, with a maximum of four in each singles competition and two teams in each doubles event.

From competitors entered into the singles or doubles, a maximum of two teams per country may compete in the mixed doubles event.

All matches are the best-of-three sets with the exception of the men's singles final, which is the best of five sets.

The tie-break will operate in every set except the final set in the singles and doubles competitions.

In the mixed doubles, the third set shall be played as a match tie-break, with the first to 10 points by a margin of two winning the match.

The tournament is a knockout format, with 16 seeded players in each singles event, eight seeded teams in the doubles and four seeded teams in the mixed doubles.

Seedings are determined by world rankings.

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